Lance Dearden
March 2, 2015
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Ryan Eggleston

One of the first things you will realize about Rito is his genuine concern for others. His gentle manner and willingness to help his residents has won their hearts. In our monthly resident council meeting, residents will brag about Rito. One resident will start with a comment like, ‘Rito knows I have a clock I can’t reach and he always remembers to come in and wind it for me.’ A comment like that will typically set off a chain reaction of residents sharing the good things Rito does for them, too. Rito works the afternoon shift, but many people don’t know why he has an ‘afternoons only’ shift. Rito has a little brother who is disabled. He feeds, cares for, and takes his little brother to school and brings him home every day. He then comes to work and shows the same love and dedication to his residents. Rito exemplifies Personal Touch at Legacy Village of Taylorsville.