Lance Dearden
March 2, 2015
Tara Bencosme
March 2, 2015
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Matt Wittwer

Each year at Legacy Retirement Residence we hold a Spring Fling dance in March. One of our residents, Verna, prefers to stay in her apartment, even eating her meals there. Ricardo, our Maintenance Assistant, had always taken a special interest in Verna and stopped by frequently to check in on her. Verna would often remark that Ricardo reminded her of her late husband. About a month before the dance, Ricardo started encouraging Verna to come to the dance. He told her if she would get dressed and come, he would dance the first dance with her. He stopped by every day to convince her that she could make the effort and come to the Spring Fling. On the night of the dance, Verna, with the help of her family, not only attended the dance but looked beautiful. When the dance music started, Ricardo immediately went over to Verna and gently lifted her out of her wheelchair and literally held her up and danced with her. After the dance, Ricardo carefully placed her back in her wheelchair. Verna’s smile was a mile wide. She remarked several times to her family and others how dancing with Ricardo reminded her of dancing with her late husband.