Ryan Eggleston
March 2, 2015
Matt Wittwer
March 2, 2015
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Lance Dearden

Austin is an energetic, happy and service-oriented employee. His co-workers have reported that they have never seen Austin without a beaming smile and that he is also eager to help in any way possible. He is an invaluable member of the therapy team. Recently, during an international potluck day at work, Austin brought his bagpipes to the event and favored everybody with some impressive songs. After he had finished, a patient originally from the British Isles, requested an encore. He proceeded to play a special concert for this patient and played an additional eight songs on his bagpipes just for her. She was reduced to tears as she reminisced about her homeland. Austin provided an amazing experience for all, but especially for this patient who was ‘taken home’ by his generosity.